August 3, 2015

Time With You, Time With Me

Time with my parents has come to an end.
 But it was a full, fun time.  Lots of play
 laughs at grandparents seeing kids have fun and kids laughing at funny things grandparents will do,
 spending time together enjoying summer,
 And being cared for by grandparents in only the way that grandparents do.
 We did Fairbanks things like the botanical gardens, the parks and of course the golden day parade
 Sharing all those experiences that that make relationships grow
And knowing that no matter the miles, we are family.

July 31, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

This week has been a mix of sun and crazy rains.  Each time I go to the garden I really don't think there is going to be much due to the rain but how surprised I have been.  We have processed all of the main heads of broccoli and are now enjoying the side shoots for dinners.  The cauliflower has become large enough to start to eat and the romanesco is not far behind.  The green beans are pulling their weight in producing and I have started canning this week (with a little help of course).  And lets talk about zucchini...after getting almost none last year I promised to never mind a large production year and that I will stick too.  We are getting a lot and loving it all.
Tomaotes, peas, carrots, cucumbers too - ahh we are full and thankful for this garden season.

July 30, 2015


Life is busy, full, fast
 How thankful I am for these little people for reminding me of the simple joys in life like runny down a grassy hill
and stopping to smell the roses.

July 29, 2015

In His Words

Since Naomi was born I have referred to her frequently as baby.  I know it is something she will dislike some day but for now it is what it is and I love it.  
Well, Ethan took it to a whole new level yesterday.  At one random point he walked up to Naomi, threw his arms around her and said, "Hi ya there babe."  And since then he has seemed happy to have shortened Naomi's nickname from baby to babe.  Oh what a ham, he has no idea how cute he really can be.

July 28, 2015

Ball Hitters

I love baseball and grew up in a baseball family.  Josh, he has a love of hockey over baseball.  
 So with my parents in town and Josh out of town it was the perfect time to introduce the kids to the Alaskan Goldpanners.  
The kids did great and loved watching all those "ball hitters" as Ethan called the players and especially the bat boys.  I do believe I have found baseball watching companions for the next few years to come.

July 26, 2015

What Was Better

After our camping trip Josh and I talked about what was good and what wasn't.   One thing that stood out to me was that I hadn't planned enough activities to keep the kids busy during the times that Josh and I were busy.  So this past camping trip I set out to make that better.
 And even though Josh groaned about me packing another box of stuff it worked.  Stamps while we set up the tent.
 Painting with water while we made dinner
 Special hot chocolate while I washed dishes
 And of course learning the art of roasting marshmellows
 A balloon and a plastic cup makes pom pom launchers
And moving the activities to the strawberry patch field changed things when the campground became boring.  Learning to keep camping fun.  Yes, that is better.

July 24, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

Today's report on the garden is all about being big.
 Big leaves - I have to be super careful where I step
 Big beets
 Ok, not super big cauliflower but it is still growing strong.
 We are getting a good turn out for our green beans - finally.
 And one can only hope the carrot growth beneath the ground will be as big as the part we see.
 We have had a big harvest week for broccoli with 9 gallon bags worth being chopped, blanched and frozen.  This doesn't count the large amount that the kids consume.  Boy those kids love broccoli.
 But as for snacking the peas are the biggest treat.  Begging for them through the garden fence, having them with almost every meal, and still seeing them grow.
The greenhouse is bigger and fuller as well.  I was explaining to a friend how I have learned only to grow things that we love.  Thus our greenhouse is full of four different varieties of grape tomatoes.  They work so much better with our growing season here then big ones and the bottom line is we love those bits of sweetness.

The one thing that is sad to report is that the bees are big in numbers but not super big in honey production.  Humm.  Lets hope that the next three to four weeks before the end of summer is a time of high production for them!

July 23, 2015

This Is Me

This week my parents are visiting.  The kids are so excited to show off all that they are.
Skype and phone calls are nice, this is better.

July 22, 2015

In The Clouds

Time in the sun,
 and the wind
 laughing and running.
All the while being whoever we want to be.
Family, a wonderful thing.

July 21, 2015

Fresh and Ready

Oh that feeling, when you come home from camping to an empty fridge.  While unpacking all the gear you realized it is dinner time and have no idea of what to serve. 
Then you go out to the garden and come back with a basket full of items for dinner and your hope is restored in being able to feed your family more then pasta.  Garden produce time has arrived.  How blessed we are.

July 20, 2015

Family Camping

Oh what a time we had.  I would say that we are fitting in nicely to this family camping thing.
This "time to get away" stuff where flowers, rocks, dirt, sleeping bags, camp fires, and so much more fills our time.
 These experiences with rain, bugs, boo boos, noisy campers, early risers, and miss communications test us, try us and in the end don't seem that bad.
 Those feels of being dirty, tired, achy (when did sleeping on the ground get so hard), and frumpy aren't that big a deal when you see your girl picking wild strawberries in the field and your son is happy for hours with just a kazoo.  
The realization when you come home with coolers, wet tents, loads of laundry and only want a shower yet you are talking about just when you can go again.
Yeah, those dirty face feelings.  Family camping feels like that.

July 17, 2015

The Garden Work Was Left At Home

Today instead of a garden update we are off enjoying our summer just a little bit.
At home there are peas to pick, broccoli to blanch (if the kids let me, man they love eating it fresh), tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and beets to eat.  Baby green beans, cauliflower and romanesco to watch grow and plenty of weeds to pull.  But you know, it will all be there when we return.  Our little party of five and our big wonderful tent are out making some new memories for now.