April 28, 2015

Sweet Tooth

Oh, that look of surprise when you see that mama made daddy a pie.
Yes, this girls has a nose and an eye for any and all sweets.  How it does make me laugh. 

April 27, 2015

For You We Celebrate

Today we celebrate with my dear sister 5,000 miles away.
Happy Birthday Hillary.  We love you so and wish we could be with you to give you a birthday hug today!

April 24, 2015

The Start Of The Friday Garden Updates

Outside the snow is slowly melting away.  The puddles are filling.  The crisp morning air warms each day.  Promise of spring and the end of winter has arrived to these northern lands.
 And inside we continue our daily encouragement of grow baby grow.
Cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, romenesco, brussel sprouts, leeks, pumpkins and cheddar cauliflower are growing.  Oh how tiny those little seeds are.  Maybe 52 broccoli plants are a few too many but when we are so excited to see something grow maybe I get just a little bit carried away.

April 23, 2015

2 am

Naomi is not the best night time sleeper.  She never has been.  I know someday she will sleep through the night but for now she doesn't.  Out of this I can take the only positive.
The chance to get woken to beautiful northern lights.  These great displays of dancing lights that I might have slept through. Thank you my little lady for this one blessing from this year of wakeful nights.  It is one I will remember.

April 22, 2015

What Caused The Quiet

Josh has been working a lot these past few weeks.  Field season is upon us and there is work for him to do.  The kids and I are busy, filling our days and time without daddy around.  I am getting used to doing the juggle solo.  But on Saturday Josh had the chance to be home with us.  Dinner time arrived and I found myself cooking dinner alone.  It gave me pause for a minute.  The lack of little hands reaching for the items on the counter, no little person walking my steps holding on to my legs as I move and the quiet as I chopped, stirred and prepared.  I looked around and smiled.
 A little boy sitting with his daddy, watching and learning from this man he loves so much and has missed so very much these past few weeks.
And these sisters, playing quietly as they sort through this doll's diaper bag and move things from here to there.  This family of mine, those I love so much, finding contentment as they wait.  Play, talk, learning, and discovering as they trust me to put food on the table to fill them all.  In the days since dinner time has gone back to the pure chaos that single parenting at dinner time brings but this day, it makes me smile.  Something to remember for sure.

April 21, 2015

Come To Me

Our little lady is on the move these days.
Crawling is fast
and gets her almost everywhere she wants.
But it is standing and walking that she truly loves.  Last week she took her first tentative step.  It has started.  She is moving forward and so very excited about it!

April 20, 2015

Spring Time Blues

Not everyone in this house is super excited about spring.
This boy cried when daddy covered up the snowmachine and asks everyday to go sledding.  Oh my little boy, you are too small to remember the joys of summer.  They will be there before we know it.  The time of sledding will come once again, lets enjoy the sunshine first.

April 17, 2015

A Mentor

Learning new things can be hard.  But throughout our lives if we can find a mentor to help us through those new experiences, they are a little more manageable.  One of the many advantages of having older siblings is that they get to be some of those great life mentors.    
You might just be seeing a lot of things that have to do with Naomi walking these days because well, she is.  One baby step here and there.  It has begun.  

April 16, 2015

My Growing Bag Lady

I was at a meeting on Saturday regarding parenting/education and such.  One thing that has stuck with me was something a friend said.  Looking back at her four grown children, all pursuing very different things in life, she remarked that what they are doing now is just bigger expansions of what they all loved when they were in first and second grade.
 And then I thought of this picture.  My little bag lady.  This girl loves to pack a bag, or five, a cart, stroller, purse and lunch box all at once and then move them around the house.  It is amazing how fast she can empty a toy box or her special place.  Now when she has to put things back - that takes forever, but the "always room for a little more" saying is one of her favorite thoughts.
Takes me back to this picture of my miss Abigail when she was just two.  A budding bag/grocery cart lady.  With age has come strength and with strength has come the ability to carry more bags.  Now the question this leads to - what life skill does this show me and what profession would benefit from these exceptional skills?  Only time will tell.

April 15, 2015

The Case Of Being The Third

If you have been around this blog for awhile you might remember this post from 3 1/2 years ago.  But then the time goes on, children are added to the family and well as it often happens - priorities change.  
The other day I saw Naomi touching the fire extinguisher and I thought, good she is safe and happy for the moment.  Josh came home and said, "WHAT IS GOING ON, Naomi is touching the fire extinguisher."  I replied, "I know, isn't it great that it kept her happy for 5 minutes today."  He didn't quite agree and my sister might use this post to confirm that Naomi is going to be my spoiled child.  But really, when you put the same situation times three and things look a little differently to this mama.  Yet another case of third child syndrome.  

April 14, 2015

Adding Color

Last month we showed you the new climbing wall that Josh and his dad built for the kids.  The thing was it was a little bland. 
 So Josh, with the help of Abigail, took a night and painted the wall purple.  Then the wall sat that way for two weeks.  Josh just wasn't sure where to go from there.  Then we through of the dr. suess look and he took it from there.  
The kids love it, and they love to climb.
Both Ethan and Abigail are able, and love, to climb all the way to the top solo now.  Abigail can also go side to side (or bouldering as it is called in climbing wall lingo) and down.  But if you ask what her favorite thing to do it would be climb up and then jump down.  My job, making sure Naomi and Ethan aren't under her at the time.  Oh boy - hope these kids realize how many gray hairs this climbing wall gives me.  So happy it brings a way to stretch, grow and learn.

April 13, 2015

Cold Chill To Recovery

Over this weekend our house saw some pretty high fevers and lots of popsicles being eaten while wrapped up in blankets to keep the chills at bay.  
Happy to say we are on the up swing.  Although we are going to continue our housebound weekend a few more days into the week.  Fevers, sore throats and weepyness begone.